What Exactly is the Check Engine Light?

Your vehicle has lots of lights and signals that are used to let you know when you need to pay attention to something particular that you should check on or get serviced. One such indicator is the check engine light. It can mean lots of different things, but it always means you should give it immediate attention, and we're here to tell you what it means.

The Check engine light is letting you know there's an issue with the engine. There are two different things to look out for. If it's blinking, that indicates there's a severe issue like an engine misfire, which can cause a lot of damage if you ignore so get to a service center immediately if you ever see that. The other is if the light is constant. That's not necessarily an emergency like the blinking light, but you should get to a service station right away to get the issue looked at.

You can also see if the engine light comes on if it's a simple fix. Pull over and turn the vehicle off an try tightening your gas cap, or reduce the load if you're towing a trailer behind you, or you could get a code reader or have a trained professional read it to see what the issue might be. That's where our team can help you as we have service center locations in Gainesville and serve the surrounding area such as High Springs and Ocala. We can tell you what the issue might be and offer a fix so you're back on the road and enjoying your ride without any issue.

To learn more, contact us today and we'd be happy to help you with all your service related questions.

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