Finding the Right Spare Tire is Essential Before You Find Yourself in an Emergency Situation

If you drive long enough, it's bound to happen: you run over a nail or similar sharp object, followed by the unmistakable thump-thump-thump and vibration that accompanies a flat tire on the streets of Gainesville, FL. If you want to avoid the cost and hassle of calling a tow truck, then having a reliable spare tire is a must.

'Donut' Spare Tires

Most cars and sedans in Alachua and Newberry, FL, come equipped with these spare tires, commonly known as 'donut' tires. These are lightweight and save space, but should only be used to get you to a Davis Automotive Group dealership so we can repair or replace your regular tire.

Standard Size Temporary Spare Tires

You get a bit more flexibility with these options, as their full size enables you to drive at regular speed. However, their lightweight construction and shallower tread depth, means they wear faster than normal tires. It's still important to have your High Springs tire repaired or replaced, but you have more time.

Matching Spare Tires

Starke drivers wanting the most peace of mind choose this option. You'll essentially have a set of five tires for your car. Include the fifth tire in your regular tire rotation, and the entire set will last longer. And if one goes flat, your spare performs like your other tires!

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